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Welcome to my professional services website. This site is dedicated to my passion for instructional design and development focused through the lens of adult learning. Creating learning that works for adults is about focusing on what those adults need to learn. My professional interest is in instructional design and then development.

In the US today there is a trend to see results measured in shorter and shorter time frames. The result is a laser on achieving an end. When we look at the larger society what we see is that it is relatively easy to produce something quickly but whether that something achieves results is another matter. I am results focused, however, my personal philosophy is that there is a happy medium between getting things done too quickly and getting them done well – well enough to meet organizational and individual needs.

I encourage you to look at the work samples I’ve created here on this site but also to browse my personal philosophy and biography.

My goal through this professional website is to maintain a professional relationship with other instructional designers and developers by participating in a community of commerce, scholarship and practice.