Portfolio – Work Samples

The following work samples are intended for those in the community interested in examples of my instructional design and development capability.


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captivate_6Adobe Captivate Samples

This is an application simulation sample set of two rather than a so-called “soft skills” or marketing or some other type of demonstration. This is just one function of a much larger application. The objective here is to demonstrate competency in create a lesson within a module of a fairly large curriculum. Branching and Advanced Captivate functionality is not present here.

These Captivate samples are a bit different from the norm. These were designed without sound. They do advance automatically. No effort was made to create SCORM or Tin Can API for these samples. Note: There is a “Show Me” (a demo) and a simulated environment “Tell Me”, however, there is no unguided experience with no feedback, a true exam that is scored and reported to the LMS, the “Let Me Try”.  I have embedded sound in live video before so I am familiar with the basic sound editing process.


The Show Me is a guided end user experience with no user input. The user watches this video as a precursor to completing the Tell Me that follows. This is a “demo”, an opportunity to observe without actually interacting with the application whereas the Tell Me is an opportunity to observe but where the learner experience is being scored. The goal is the same in both videos: to create an application, however, the learner creates a completely new application in the Tell Me.


The Tell Me is a guided learner experience. The learner is instructed what to do to create the application. Please bear in mind that the Tell Me follows the Show Me. So the learner has already seen a similar sequence before. Some inference is required by the learner as it would normally be if they were to learn the application in a class or from a guide after having gone through a lesson and then were asked to complete an exercise. The Tell Me is is a scored experience.

Additional Samples

This is a sample I created that is resizable. Its meant to work on the desktop or mobile devices. There are some issues (character figures disappear), however, these won’t interfere with you seeing the new content. (This is being hosted in SCORMCloud if it stops working please let me know so that I can update.) This is a system sample – meaning that it is meant to teach learners about technology.

Please note that the company that owns SCORMCloud (Rustici) does not sell your information. You will be prompted to enter the following – that information goes to my instance of SCORMCloud. The company stores but does not use your information. See their Privacy Policy link below the Green button for more information. I’ve never had anyone who used this complain. If you have issues please let me know.

System E-Learning Sample

Slide Deck

Under downloadable samples is a Microsoft PowerPoint slide deck. This is also included in the above portfolio. It is in Microsoft PowerPoint format whether you download it from the link below or view it from within the special Adobe Acrobat Portfolio format above.


Below under “Downloadable Samples” please find a brochure summarizing what I bring to the table. This brochure is in Adobe Acrobat format but was completed in Microsoft Word.


Participant Guide

acrobat_pro copy


Elephants Never Forget (see Downloadable Samples)

Several tools were used to create this participant guide.I take a multimodal tool approach when crafting my training materials. The reason very clearly is because I don’t like some of the negative aspects of say, Adobe InDesign whereas MS Publisher might have just the type of tool that I like or need. Microsoft Word might be fine for basic writing but the layout tools in Apple iWorks word processor are much better. In this case I had a template that I happened to like along with some graphics from’s online, royalty free graphics.

My Mary Kay Cosmetics co-worker Tracy Underhill, also a veteran trainer and award-winning public speaker created the basis for this course. I did some re-writing, added and changed some of the exercises and brought in a whole new graphics layout look and feel. Her participant guide had terrific content but the graphics rich guide that I created gave her content just the right “zip” that we both agreed was beautiful.


Downloadable Samples

Please click to download. If you experience any problems please let me know.


Even More

Want to see more evidence of my work – please see the Collin College Instructional Design Certificate Series as more examples are available there as well.

Collin College Instructional Design Certificate Series