The following are tools that I have used or like and sometimes both. The following indicates tools I actually use or have used .

Adobe Captivate

The Adobe Captivate product page at


Adobe Training

Adobe offers free training, however, that training is limited. Below are essentially feature demos. Training

Like a lot of training’s training is ironic: these are demonstrations rather than true interactive video demonstrating how to use the product in a context. There are files and you can use these to emulate; however, there is no error checking.

Adobe Creative Suite

The Adobe Creative Suite Cloud edition is useful for various purposes. I like Dreamweaver for HTML editing and authoring (though there are other, simpler tools), Photoshop (for basic image editing and conversion), Flash, InDesign,Media Encoder . Adobe Acrobat has a new feature that allows you to use it as a “container” for other objects – be they simple Word documents or complex Flash or other PDF’s. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Suite

Techsmith Camtasia and SnagIt

Camtasia and SnagIt are different than Adobe Creative Cloud and Suite. Camtasia was designed from the ground up for screencasting. It is an ideal tool for instructional developers as well as designers. Even PowerPoint looks better in Camtasia. Simply turn on the recorder and run your PowerPoint slides.

I prefer to add narration in later. Many people maintain you should do this from the outset but they may be able to record in one take or modify the audio easily.

What I love most in Captivate are the built in features which give the production a professional appearance for learning. Within certain parameters an enhanced video can be a great option. Even a silent video.

Instructional Design / Development Tools

Open Source Development Tools