The Best Of…

I consider to be some of these resources to be helpful. I hope you will as well.

Performance, Learning, Leadership & Knowledge

Big Dog & Little Dog’s Performance Juxtaposition

Big Dog, Little Dog is possibly one of the best collections of information on human performance and learning on the web. Donald Clark is dedicated to collecting only the best on everything on the subjects of performance, learning, leadership and knowledge. An excellent resource for instructional designers, developers and performance support professionals.


The E-Learning Guild

The E-Learning Guild has become the de facto organization for those interested in e-Learning. Although you have to be a member to obtain access to some of the best, this resource is an excellent one and has some free information.

Instructional Design

Nuts and Bolts: The Ten Minute Instructional Design Degree

This is one of the best, most succinct articles I’ve seen written about instructional design. If you’re trying to get people to understand ID or you’re trying to get a SME to understand what you’re trying to do this article might just do it for you.

Ten Qualities of an Ideal Instructional Designer

The ID Bible

This site is dedicated only to instructional design and to nothing else.

This LinkedIn site is dedicated to LinkedIn members interested in instructional design.

The makers of Articulate have a very basic article on instructional design that you might wish to read. Because it’s a quick read it might work well if you’re trying to explain ID to someone.

Instructional Design Models

This is an extensive list of ID models; the links may or may not be maintained.

Curriculum vs. Instructional Design

“Curriculum design is the how whereas instructional design is the what of learning”

Instructional Design Roles & Responsibilities

This site addresses roles and responsibilities within the design process.

Instructional Development

Recall that I believe instructional development is distinct from instructional design. Instructional development is about employing the documents from a design process to create outputs.

Pact Process for Instructional Development