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Design Samples


This is a generic visual / textual storyboard. The graphics aren't very impressive. I used royalty free graphics instead of good quality photo stock which I would normally use for commercial engagements.

This textual storyboard was for a software firm. It was based on nine rounded personas or characters that I developed over time in conjunction with a senior manager as well as at least three subject matter experts. The scenarios were then fully validated as well as the software use. The finish project was then vetted with a different set of subject matter experts.

The purpose of this entire project was to create a marketing vehicle that the company could show a potential customer. It included no narration because in many cases retail bankers said that their employees needed to appear to be working even when they were taking courses. So we used captions in the e-Learning and created a high degree of interactivity.

WordPress (HTML)

I designed the Instructional Design Certificate Series Website over time using WordPress. This is the free version so many of the fancier plug-ins and other options simply aren't available and I didn't want to spend the time to code the content using HTML 5 when those were readily available. Besides Wordpress wasn't made for custom coding. You can custom code in Wordpress but it wasn't designed with those types of options in mind.

Digital Documents