Kevin M Handy


This page is specifically for both recruiting firms as well as recruiters within hiring firms.

I believe in working on an ethical basis with all - including recruiters. Please read this entire page carefully.

Please read the attached corporate_recruiter_faq - it's a quick read and its very important.

Recruiter Notice: I'm pleased to speak with anyone about potential opportunities because I meet a number of people in my professional life - and everyone is interested in a new opportunity. Please limit these.

Special Notice Regarding Key Word Search-Based Solicitation

I'm sorry to say that of late I've received a number of keyword search based inquiries. In other words many firms are hiring experts to created automated searches based on very generic heuristics in the vague hope that they'll find qualified candidates.

In my mind this is troublesome. It wastes a great deal of time and frankly it doesn't put people in a very cooperative mood. I'm interested in instructional design and development opportunities - and I'm interested in helping friends who want such opportunities as well. That being said - I am forced to recover the time I waste - sometimes for hours at a time.

I will give you and your firm ONE and ONLY ONE warning - if you contact me about something other than instructional design and training opportunities after the first time you're informed I will charge you at a billable rate of not less to $280.00 per hour spent with you. I will bill you and your firm for my time in increments of 15 minutes (or $70) for each infraction. I would be billing you for consultation services. You accept those services once you've been notified once by continuing to contact me in violation of this warning.

Please DO contact me about instructional design opportunities; please DON'T contact me about opportunities unrelated to adult training and instructional design and development.