Welcome to my website.

Welcome to my website. I'm glad you're here. I'm a professional in training and development.

I create good quality training that helps organizations to meet their performance goals.

This site is intended for recruiters, potential clients and others who want to know more about my professional work and life.

For more than thirty years I've worked as a knowledge worker in industries ranging from telecommunications to healthcare. I've spent the past fifteen years in instructional development - web-based training principally - in Adobe Captivate (3 thru 2017) and more recently in Articulate Storyline 2 and its companion products.

My work begins with the ADDIE model. I work to understand the needs of the customer and apply the most advanced technologies to create solid learning solutions for online training, the classroom or the mobile user.

I believe in applying a commonsense approach to ADDIE and have become very interested in the work of Cathy Moore, creator of Action Mapping. The methodologies she suggests in her book Map It has become my new objective for 2018 and beyond. Like SAM it embraces rapid prototyping but in a commonsense manner. And she has a specific step-by-step approach - which I also favor.

I consider myself a part of the Dallas Fort Worth instructional design community and pay it forward by teaching others how to create quality training material for the burgeoning organizations in DFW at Collin College where I run the Instructional Design Certificate Series.

Kevin Handy
Kevin Handy